Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New feature: Long mutliple choice answers now supported

Mobilestudy is happy to announce a new feature, the length of multiple choice answers has been extended. This means you can create more expressive choices and hopefully more complicated question.

This was a feature requested by multiple people and we are happy to provide it for them and would like to thank them for their suggestion.


LLC said...

Share website to you can download movies. Soooo! Don’t tell you friend about this website. Thanks!

Jury Belonozhkin said...

Fantastic! This widget work fine!
I use now my quizes for eLearning via mobile phones. Thanks! Good Luck!

vaibhav said...
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vaibhav said...

is there any privilege of keeping answers hidden throughout the quiz in mobilestudy????and also to remove review option???plz do replyyy

Anne Fox said...

Are you still maintaining MOBILE Study? If so then I expect that there will iOS and Android apps available. Any coming in the near future?