Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cricket Widgets and Quizzes

This is an example of the three ways you can embedded our quizzes using our widgets.
This is a quiz on the IPL Cricket tournament in India early this year.

<iframe src=";widget_size=small" height="300" width="580"></iframe>

<iframe src=";widget_size=small" height="300" width="390"></iframe>

<iframe src=";widget_size=small" height="300" width="390" frameborder="no"></iframe>

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mobilestudy for Organizations

Mobilestudy for Organizations
We now allow the creation of groups on mobile study. An organizations, class or company can create a group to add users to. Quizzes created for that group are only viewable by users of that group.

For example:
Bob creates a group "Basketball Fans" and creates a series of quizzes on basketball. Bob then adds Sam and Jess to his group and now all three of them can do the quizzes.
No one outside Bob's group will be able to use the quizzes

You can register new groups at the below link
Mobilestudy for Organizations

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Brains, Trains and Mobiles. Press release.

Brains, Trains and Mobiles.

Pupils will now find studying on the move easier thanks to a new technology that brings revision quizzes directly to their mobile phones. Educators can create quizzes at, which gets converted to a mobile phone application that students can then download. So whether it be on a bus, train, tram or in a car students can now study in a convenient fashion for free.

These quizzes can either be accessed online or downloaded to a mobile phone (or any mobile device). Once on the mobile phone the quiz can be undertaken anywhere, regardless of mobile coverage. The phone application marks the quizzes, provides explanation for correct answer and allows the students to SMS back in their results.

The technology was developed by two software engineers in regional Victoria but has already been picked up internationally. A New Zealand University started trialing the quizzes this semester and students in Brazil have been using the quizzes on their daily bus rides to school. Mobilestudy was also one of the technologies listed at a World Bank seminar early this year on how to use technology in eduction in the developing world.

The inspiration for the technology stemmed from seeing students struggling to find space to read on public transport. With the ever increasing crowds on public transport putting pressure on personal space, moving the homework to a small hand held device makes study on public transport possible once more.

The convenience of a phone based quiz allows students to more efficiently use their time while traveling in crowded conditions in many cities around the world. Quizzes can be written in ten different languages with pages of complementary review material. In addition, incorrect questions can be retaken as many times as desired. This makes for a highly flexible and convenient technology to help students learn in the 21st century.