Saturday, July 5, 2008

Widgets: Have your quiz embedded in your blog or webpage.

Come one, come all and try our new widgets. You can embed your quiz into a blog or home page now.

Try it:

Examples link

You can now quickly whip up a quiz using mobilestudy and let people sit it from within your on webpage.


swansi said...

Mobile study it is doing great change for poor people who are not able to read.Because almost all parents wants educate their people.Who are not able to read those children help to mobile study. Because education is one part in our life.I think this type of study will help to all persons.

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smilinglight said...

Hi, I loved your site and created a quiz myself. Is there anyway i can post this into wordpress without it having to be a link? Coz i have noticed that people will be more willing to take the quiz if it's right there than if it's a link

Mobile Study Blog said...

Hi, sorry for the delay.

On this link it gives examples of the code you can past into your site

I hope the helps.

RSG said...

thanks a lot. i was able to embed a quiz in my blogspot. But is there a way I can resize the width of the widget? Your first widget is too long while the other two is too short. My post area width is around 350 only. (architectureoverload.blogspot)

RSG said...

It's me again. How can i resize i text of the quiz? It's quite small. Thanks.

baztonks said...

I love your service.

I'm trying to use your widgets but because there is no action in the form tag they don't work with Internet Explorer. (At least I think that's the problem...)

One other potential problem...
Your doctype is xhtml but your using capital letters for the method (post) which isn't allowed in xhtml.

Do you think you could provide new code for the widgets that work with IE.


Mobile Study Blog said...

Thanks for that Baztonks.

We'll look into those two issues.

baztonks said...

Thank you very much!

Your widgets are working perfectly with IE now.

I really appreciate your help.

Best Wishes and Arigato from Japan

PS Is there any way we can support your efforts from Japan?

Mobile Study Blog said...

Hi Baztonks,
one of the easiest and simplest ways is to tell anyone you think would find the site useful about it.

We rely on word of mouth to grow the site.

Thanks for your help.

Edward said...

Hi,Can i put this link on my mobile

Mobile Study Blog said...

Hi Edward,

you can embed the quizzes in your site, link to the download page of the quiz or link to our blog, anything you like really

that's pretty much what our site is about.

take care

Chiew said...

Interesting. If only I could insert images, too. I've been using MyStudiyo, but lately, I've had had trouble with images, so I'm looking for an alternative.

Samuel Innusah said...