Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bits and pieces

We've added a few things to the site this week.

A FAQ to explain the ins and outs of using our site. There's a few ideas of how to use mobilestudy in your classroom.

We've added some Basic and Hard Math quizzes to help younger students brush up on their addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. We'll add some Algebra ones soon.
Math Quizzes

And lastly because the Tour De France is on and the Olympic is coming up we've added two quizzes to test your knowledge on them.

Tour De France


Dave said...

This may well be something you have considered but might it be possible to create hyper links in the 'explanation' field? For example; to further information on Wikipedia or the mobile version of Wikipedia?

Mobile Study Blog said...

Thanks for the suggestions Dave.

We actually hadn't considered that until this week. You and someone else suggested it within 48 hours of one another.

We're looking into it.

Please feel free to leave other suggestion.

Dave said...

I have a few other small suggestions: Hyper linking within the quiz would be a very powerful feature.

Also if the text of the quiz itself was configurable it would be nice. For instance 'explanation:' and 'correct:' and so on are not always the most appropriate heading on the response pages. IMHO

If it was feasible to put images in the introduction page (maybe there is a way already)? Also if we could also put images either on the question or answer side of the question 'pages, or both!

...and finally (for now :-)) Will the 'essay' version for Moodle be available in the Mobile study quiz builder version?

Mobile Study Blog said...

Hi Dave,

The Essay version for the site interface and your image suggestions for the phone app will be coming soon.

We'll have a look into hyperlinks and configurable text.

Mobile Study Blog said...

Hi Dave,

a slight correction on my part. The Essay functionality can be used through the website currently.

Just entry a question without any answers. The question will become the title of the page and the explanation will be come the text of the page.