Friday, June 20, 2008

Tricks and tips with your quizzes

Here's some useful tips for getting the most out of mobile study quizzes (Try creating one now).

Tip 1: Trains, planes and automobiles.
One of the goals of is to make it easy for people to revise and learn on public transport. Teachers can take advantage of this by creating a MP3 lecture and setting a quiz based off it which can then be listen to and sat anytime.

The size of a mobile/cell phone overcomes a lot of the physical barriers normally faced when trying to study on the move.

Tip 2: Let the students create a quiz as a way to learn.
Creating a quiz about a subject gives students a unique perspective on how well they know the material. Coming up with questionsto cover the main areas of study can help refine their understanding and often highlights areas they know well and not so well. Providing the answers for multiple choice question gets them thinking about common mistakes people make and pitfalls to avoid.

Thinking about what order to ask the questions often helps them understand how concepts link together.

Tip 3: Create a group quiz
With younger children creating a quiz as a group can be a novel and fun way of getting them to share their knowledge and allows a teacher to gain an understanding of what they do and don't comprehend.

Older children may enjoy creating quizzes in smaller groups so they can try their quizzes out on other groups in their class.

Tip 4: Learn a second language.
Mobile study quizzes support multiple languages so it can be used as a language learning aid. Create the same quiz in a student's native language and then a second language and get them to sit them one after the other.

Tip 5: Math quizzes
Mobile quizzes are a great way for students to revise order of operation and basic algebra. Adding an explanation of the correct answer is especially useful with math based quizzes as it provide direct feedback. This is also a lot more convenient for the student as they don't have to keep flicking back and forth between pages to check their answers in the back of the text book.

Tip 6: Remote Students
The mobile study website and phone quizzes provide a unique way of getting students in remote location or studying by correspondence involved with their teachers and fellow class mates.

There are many ways to utilize mobilestudy in a classroom or for private study. If you find an effective way of studying with mobilestudy feel free to drop us a line or leave a comment.

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