Friday, June 20, 2008


How much does it cost to download a quiz?
Whilst we don't charge anything for the quizzes, service providers will charge for the amount of data downloaded when downloading a quiz. A normal mobilestudy quiz is approximately 50 kb
so if your service provider is charging 1 cent a kilobyte you will incur a 50 cent expense on your mobile bill.

Please note:
  • A lot of phone plans these days include a certain amount of data download for free.
  • You can download the phone quiz to your computer then upload it to your phone via bluetooth or a data cable and completely avoid any cost to your cell/mobile phone bill.

The bluetooth option may be a very convenient way of getting the quiz onto students phones if they are concerned about data cost

Can I link to my quiz from another site?
You are more than welcome to link to your quizzes on our site from your own site. We would hope over time a teacher/lecturer might build up a collection of quizzes for a specific subject which all can be linked to from their subject's website. Alternatively you can just link to your mobilestudy homepage where your quizzes reside.

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